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One of the most common questions I hear from other believers who are beginning their relationship with God is, “How do I ‘hear’ from God?“ And truth is, I don’t think I have ever given or heard an adequate answer to the question. I think part of the challenge is that God doesn’t speak to us in just one way so it is hard to answer the question in a simple conversation but I think we can do a better job through this blog.

You may be reading this blog because you first read the blog "What God said tonight" at . What God said tonight is one example of how God can speak directly to us but there are many other ways that God speaks to us, including through the Bible, preachers, worship, circumstances and other ways that we will discover.

Before we get into how to hear God, we need to know why we should even care to hear from God. Learning to hear from God is important for many reasons. Maybe the greatest reason to hear from God is to have a relationship with him. Can you imagine having a relationship with someone who you never listen to, you only tell things to them. Imagine having a friend who never wanted to hear what you said and just constantly came to you to tell you what they needed or wanted. Maybe you have had friends like that. Those friendships don’t usually last very long. It is hard to have a relationship that is all one sided. When we learn to hear from God, we begin to have a relationship instead of a religion. We begin to know God for ourselves.

Through getting to know him, we learn how to live this life better. Who better to get advice from that the God of all creation? Who better to get answers from than the God that created every question and every answer ever? On this site you will:

  • Develop a closer relationship with God through talking and listening to him

  • Understand how God speaks to us

  • Obtain resources to help you study the Bible and hear God

  • Develop strategies and habits that enable you to hear God regularly

How are we going to accomplish all of this? Together. During this four part series, you will get some information but more importantly, you will get very practical tools to begin applying to your life and begin to know God in a very real and personal way. It is going to take a little work. Nothing great every comes too easy. Will you make the commitment to get closer to God? Let’s take this journey together. I promise you will never regret it!


  1. I'm looking forward to learning to hear from God and move from having a religion to having a relationship with Him.

  2. I've loved this blog ever since you started it. I've related to so many posts. Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey!:)

  3. This puts it all in prospective. I really enjoyed reading this blog. It's very informative.